S. Paw S. Paw - 1 year ago 93
CSS Question

Website is horizontally scrollable but nothing overflowin

I am making my website at http://www.shivampaw.com and if you try scrolling to the right then you will see that it scrolls a bit which leaves a blank strip.

Blank Strip Showing

I have tried checking my CSS and HTML for any overflow but couldn't find any. I also opened up Chrome Dev Tools but couldn't find any overflow on that either!

How can I remove that extra padding so the site isn't horizontally scrollable?

I have a feeling it is something to do with the navbar at the top but I checked all of it's elements and they seem find to me.

I also checked this issue on my phone and it is on that as well.

Answer Source

Remove row div from your footer. It causes your issue.

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