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How to render a Razor View to a string in ASP.NET MVC 3?

I've been searching the site a lot, but all I could find were examples on how to render partial controls

, or depended on a controller context.

I want a method that enables me to provide just the relative path to the view, and a model, and render that view with that model into a string:

string result = Utility.RenderViewToString("~/Views/My/Profile.cshtml", model);

All the examples I could find were either for older versions of MVC, or simply didn't do what I need to do here.

Thank you

Answer Source

You can achieve that with the razorengine.

string template = "Hello @Model.Name! Welcome to Razor!";
string result = Razor.Parse(template, new { Name = "World" });

And it does not rely on the controller context - but because of that you are not able to use the Html helpers (which rely on the http context). But it is perfect to use razor as a template engine for strings.

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