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How to upload laravel project on subdomain?

I want to host a laravel project in a subdomain.. For that first First I create a subdomain name registraion.

And inside the publicm_html/registraion i upload the project file.
enter image description here
But when I see the project on url I saw only files not the project I stored.

enter image description here

what's the problem of uploading the laravel project?
Can anyone help me to find it out?

Answer Source

Assuming you are using cPanel to create subdomain. Below are the general steps that are required to setup sub-domain for laravel-project.

  1. Create your sub-domain
  2. Upload your laravel project to the sub-domain home directory.
  3. After you have uploaded all the files. Update your sub-domain document-root to point to public_html/registration/public/ folder, you can do this from sub-domain manager inside cPanel see.

After following 1-3 steps you should see your laravel project. However you also need to setup proper file permissions on laravel's bootstrap, storage folder to get it up and running.

Let us know if this helps you or not.

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