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Python Question

PyQt and context menu

I need to create a context menu on right clicking at my window. But I really don't know how to achieve that.

Are there any widgets for that, or I have to create it from the beginning?

Programming language: Python

Graphical lib: Qt (PyQt)

Answer Source

I can't speak for python, but it's fairly easy in C++.

first after creating the widget you set the policy:


then you connect the context menu event to a slot:

connect(w, SIGNAL(customContextMenuRequested(const QPoint &)), this, SLOT(ctxMenu(const QPoint &)));

Finally, you implement the slot:

void A::ctxMenu(const QPoint &pos) {
    QMenu *menu = new QMenu;
    menu->addAction(tr("Test Item"), this, SLOT(test_slot()));

that's how you do it in c++ , shouldn't be too different in the python API.

EDIT: after looking around on google, here's the setup portion of my example in python:

self.w = QWhatever();
self.connect(self.w,SIGNAL('customContextMenuRequested(QPoint)'), self.ctxMenu)
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