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Groovy : get a list of all the files in a directory (recursive)

Newbie question:

I'm trying to get (not print , that's easy) the list of files in a directory and it's sub directories.
I've tried:

def folder = "C:\\DevEnv\\Projects\\Generic";
def baseDir = new File(folder);
files = baseDir.listFiles();

but I only get the dirs. I've also tried

def files = [];

def processFileClosure = {
println "working on ${it.canonicalPath}: "
files.add (it.canonicalPath);

baseDir.eachFileRecurse(FileType.FILES, processFileClosure);

but "files" is not recognized in the scope of the closure.

How do I get the list?

Answer Source

This code works for me:

import groovy.io.FileType

def list = []

def dir = new File("path_to_parent_dir")
dir.eachFileRecurse (FileType.FILES) { file ->
  list << file

Afterwards the list variable contains all files (java.io.File) of the given directory and its subdirectories:

list.each {
  println it.path
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