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Apache Configuration Question

Joomla! URL Rewrite creates 404 error

I have a problem with my joomla and the URL Rewrite function.
I have activated this function in backend and renamed the htaccess.txt to .htaccess.
But now I get a 404 error on every menu link.

You can find the site here: (removed after solution found)

I used the standard htaccess file.

I already checked - mo_rewrite is active.

I also have added a image where you can see the system information.
enter image description here

Can you help?

Answer Source

You have a problem with RewriteRule settings in .htaccess. It setup to use root of server path, but your site is in directory.

For example:

this URL works.

Try to change in .htaccess the line above or copy your site to the DocumentRoot without subfolder:

RewriteBase /joom25/

and in Joomla config find and change:

var $live_site = '';

May be you need some more changes, it's what about i think in a first step.

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