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Can I have android games using the same leaderboards and achievements in google play games

I have two games free one (with ads) and paid.

On iOS they share leader boards and achievements that are in one group.

Is it possible to have single leader board for those two apps in Google Play Games service to share. Shall I link to signle GPG profile those two apps? They are both on the same platform (and have two different names xxx and xxx free)?

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Absolutely can use the same leaderboard(s) and achievements..

In your Google Developer Account, under the Game Services link, you setup a Game. (with all the Leaderboards and Achievements you want to have available for any/all versions of your Game)

enter image description here

Then, under each Game, you then get to link Apps up to the Game. The linked apps can be up to 20 applications in total, covering Android/iOS/Web applications. The linked apps could all be 20 Android if you want, or 10 Android/10 iOS, or any combination of the three. Any of those can be free or paid.. .and you could have multiple leaderboards, with each App deciding which leaderboard(s) to pick from and to display/update. If you want them to all share the same leaderboard(s), that's fine.. .if for some reason you want to have a leaderboard for each specific platform/app version that would be fine too, as well as maybe having an overall leaderboard for All of your different Apps. (from below, you can see I have three different apps linked to the dice game, and all three are android, and all are ready to publish, and they all use the same leaderboards/achievements and use the Room services)

enter image description here

The Google Leaderboard Tutorial doesn't cover this quite to the detail that you were probably looking for, and hopefully this shows how to setup multiple apps/platforms for one game a little clearer and with more confidence that it does do exactly what you are looking at implementing.

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