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TortoiseGit: Apply patch as manual changes (without trailing information like Description, Date etc). Possible?

What I want is when I apply Tortoise GIT (TGIT) patch, it should now show any linkage. It should show changes as if I have made changes manually (This happens in TSVN coz when we apply patch, they are shown as manual changes)

Why I want this is bcoz I need to make additional changes along with patch changes.

Steps I did/doing:

  1. Created a TGIT patch from a local commit.

  2. Then deleted the local repository and re-downloaded the branch from remote.

  3. Now applied patch. It shows information of commit like description and date etc. Don't need this. It should show patch changes as manual changes.

Is it possible using TGIT UI version?

enter image description here

Answer Source
  1. Apply the patch and see it becomes a commit.
  2. Go to log view and reset that branch to the previous commit with mixed or soft mode.

Then you get what you want.

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