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How would this Parallel.ForEach loop be done without using lambda expressions?

Trying to understand what using delegates in C# is like without lambda expressions. I understand their function, but still blurry on their syntax. What would this piece of code look like without using => lambda shortcut?

//pictureList is a string array of C:\Pictures\pic_1 through 10.jpeg file paths
Parallel.ForEach(pictureList, currentPic =>
string picName = Path.GetFileName(currentPic);
using (Bitmap bitmap = new Bitmap(currentPic))
bitmap.Save(Path.Combine(newDir, picName));

Answer Source

Lambda is not a "shortcut", it is a way to produce delegate objects "inline" (i.e. without defining a separate method).

You can use the old way of producing delegates inline (i.e. anonymous methods), like this

Parallel.ForEach(pictureList, delegate(Image currentPic) {

or define a separate method for it, like this:

Parallel.ForEach(pictureList, ProcessPicture);
static void ProcessPicture(Image currentPic) {
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