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Join strings in a block

I have a block that updates the view for each String. In its object class I pass it by:

func eachFeaturesSection(block: ((String?) -> Void)?) {
propertyFeatures.forEach { feature in
guard let feature = feature as? RealmString else {
let features = feature.stringValue

and I will get it in
, by:

listing!.eachFeaturesSection({ (features) in
self.facilities = features!

So it will print as:

Optional("String 1")
Optional("String 2")

and self.facilities will be set to latest value which is
self.facilities = "String 2"

cell.features.text = features // it will print String 2

So, how can I achieve to join all strings together in one string such as
self.facilities = "String 1, String 2"
. I used .jointString does not work. Thank you for any help.

Answer Source

Maybe you could add them to an array of String elements and then, when done, call joined on that array.

So something like this in your ViewController:

var featuresArray = [String]()

listing!.eachFeaturesSectionT({ (features) in

//Swift 3 syntax
cell.features.text = featuresArray.joined(separator: ", ")

//Swift 2 syntax
cell.features.text = featuresArray.joinWithSeparator(", ")

Hope that helps you.

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