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Visual Basic Two Panels Grow Fullscreen?

I just feel awkward when making these Layout as shown (Preview Link)

I have 4-panels.
Red Panel is the outer. I use a FlowLayout.
Black Panel is the inner Panel i use normal panel.
Then, I have Green Panel which is actually a new container for Blue Panel.

Now, my questions are....

  1. What are the solutions if, I want to make Panel-4 Grow (to
    stretch) until the edge (right) of the screen.

  2. If I use a TableLayout Panel as a base Panel for Panel-4 &
    Panel-3 is that appropriate? BUt If I apply Dock : FIll for that
    TableLayout, it seems only stretching the vertical size only,
    instead of all (V & H) size.

Answer Source

I would remove the outer red panel, Have one panel dock left, then do a split panel that fills the right and then modify the settings on how the upper panel (panel 1 property of the split panel) grows. You would basically say that the bottom panel (panel 2 of the split panel) is the fixed panel.

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