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Can't find @FormDataParam in Jersey 2.17

I'm quite new to web services so I've started with basic examples. This one relates to file upload. I'm using latest (2.17) version of Jersey bundle for non-maven developers. It states that:

bundle contains the JAX-RS 2.0 API jar, all the core Jersey module jars as well as all the required 3rd-party dependencies

. The problem is that I can not compile this part:

public Response uploadFile(
@FormDataParam("file") InputStream uploadedInputStream,
@FormDataParam("file") FormDataContentDisposition fileDetail) {
String uploadedFileLocation = "d://uploaded/" + fileDetail.getFileName();
// save it
writeToFile(uploadedInputStream, uploadedFileLocation);
String output = "File uploaded to : " + uploadedFileLocation;
return Response.status(200).entity(output).build();

It seems that
doesn't exist in Jersey 2.17 bundle although docs says it does. Is the 2.17 bundle incomplete? How can I resolve this problem?

Answer Source

The bundle only includes the the core modules (and their dependencies). Unfortunately, Multipart is not part of the core. You'll need this dependency (Maven) also


If you're not using Maven, from what I can tell, this artifact only has one other dependency (that is not already included in the bundle), and it's mimepull-1.9.3.

You can download both artifacts below

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