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Javascript Question

How can i convert text into greek letters

Hy All Can Anyone please tell me how can i convert input text into greek letters.
Explaination :
I want to convert that text which i type in input box into greek letters . Please help me out .

<input type="text" id="my_text"></input>
<button onclick="transliterate()">Go</button>
<p id="output"></p>

<script type="text/javascript">

let transliteration = {"a": "α", "b": "β", "c":"X"};

function transliterate() {
var string= document.getElementById("my_text").value;
var result = "";
for (chr of string) {
result += (transliteration[chr] || "_");
document.getElementById("output").textContent = result;

Answer Source

First you need to define how your latin input text shall be transliterated into the greek alphabet. See e. g. for possible transliteration tables.

You would then create a JavaScript map from the chosen table:

let transliteration = {"a": "α", "b": "β", ... }

To perform the actual transliteration, you will need to write a function

function transliterate(string) {
  var result = "";
  for (chr of string) {
    result += (transliteration[chr] || "_");
  return result;

For non-transliteratable characters, placeholder "_" will be returned.

If you chose a transliteration scheme which contains bigrams ("ai") or trigrams ("nch"), you could employ a regex:

let transliteration = {"a": "α", "ai": "αι", "av": "αυ", "v": "β", "g": "γ", ...};
let result = string.replace(/ai|av|ng|a|v|g|.../g, chr => transliteration[chr]);
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