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Linq - Set int to 0 if it is a minus number

I'm initialising a class object using Linq, what I need to do is set a value of 0 if I find the value from another class object is a minus number, here's the existing code:

public void fillObject(FillData dataToAdd)
Data data = new Data();

Data.Items = dataToAdd.maindata
x => new Data.ItemsStruct
parameter1inItemsStruct = x.intno1,
parameter1inItemsStruct = x.intno2

can be any value but if the value is a negative number I want to set it to 0.

Does anyone have any idea how this can be acheived in
? What I don't want to do is directly reference each parameter in the object and check/alter its value, I just want to check/change the value 'inline' with

Answer Source

You could use Math.Max for that:

parameter1inItemsStruct = Math.Max(0, x.intno1),
parameter1inItemsStruct = Math.Max(0, x.intno2)
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