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Building multiple binaries within one Eclipse project

How can I get Eclipse to build many binaries at a time within one project (without writing a Makefile by hand)?

I have a CGI project that results in multiple .cgi programs to be run by the web server, plus several libraries used by them. The hand-made Makefile used to build it slowly becomes unmaintainable. We use Eclipse's "Internal Build" to build all other projects and we'd prefer to use it here too, but for the good of me, I can't find how to get Eclipse to build multiple small programs as result instead of linking everything into one binary.

Answer Source

Solution for this described there: http://tinyguides.blogspot.ru/2013/04/multiple-binaries-in-single-eclipse-cdt.html. There is an excerpt:

  1. Create a managed project (File > New C++ Project > Executable)
  2. Add the source code containing multiple main() functions
  3. Go to Project > Properties > C/C++ General > Path & Symbols > Manage Configurations
  4. Make a build configuration for each executable and name it appropriately (you can clone existing configurations like Debug and Release).
  5. From the project explorer, right click on each source file that contains a main() function > Resource Configurations > Exclude from Build and exclude all build configurations except the one that builds the executable with this main() function
  6. All other code is included in all build configurations by default. You may need to change this depending on your application.
  7. You can now build an executable for each main function by going to Project > Build Configurations > Set Active , Project > Build Project
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