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Java Question

Executable jar won't find the properties files

I use this code in my program to load a properties file:

Properties properties = new Properties();
URL url = new App().getClass().getResource(PROPERTIES_FILE);

The code runs fine in Eclipse. Then I package the program into a JAR named MyProgram.jar, and run it, I got a NullPointerException at the second line. The JAR doesn't contain the properties file, they both are in the same directory. I am using Maven to create the JAR. How can I fix this problem?

UPDATE: I don't want to add the properties file to the JAR, since it will be created at deployment time.

Answer Source

BalusC is right, you need to instruct Maven to generate a MANIFEST.MF with the current directory (.) in the Class-Path: entry.

Assuming you're still using the Maven Assembly Plugin and the jar-with-dependencies descriptor to build your executable JAR, you can tell the plugin to do so using the following:

          <Class-Path>.</Class-Path> <!-- HERE IS THE IMPORTANT BIT -->
        <id>make-assembly</id> <!-- this is used for inheritance merges -->
        <phase>package</phase> <!-- append to the packaging phase. -->
          <goal>single</goal> <!-- goals == mojos -->
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