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Google PHP Client Library - 'Login Required' exception

I am getting the following error when attempting to access my Google Analytics data:

exception 'Google_Service_Exception' with message 'Error calling GET ...my query...': (401) login required

I'm not sure how to fix this, and I've already spent hours trying to set this up with no success.

Here's my code:

$client = new \Google_Client();
$client->setApplicationName("My App");
$client->setDeveloperKey('my API key');

$analytics = new \Google_Service_Analytics($client);

$OBJresult = $analytics->data_ga->get(
'ga:myprofileid' .,
'filters' => 'ga:pagePath==/home',
'dimensions' => 'ga:pagePath',
'metrics' => 'ga:pageviews',
'sort' => '-ga:pageviews'

Answer Source

If you are only accessing your own data then you should go with a service account. If you want to be able to login and see other peoples data then you should use Oauth2.

service account Example:

   require_once 'Google/autoload.php';
 The following 3 values an befound in the setting   
 for the application you created on Google      
 Developers console.         Developers console.
 The Key file should be placed in a location     
 that is not accessable from the web. outside of 
 web root.       web root.

 In order to access your GA account you must    
 Add the Email address as a user at the     
 ACCOUNT Level in the GA admin.         
    $client_id = '[Your client id]';
    $Email_address = '[YOur Service account email address Address]';     
    $key_file_location = '[Locatkon of key file]';      

    $client = new Google_Client();      
    $key = file_get_contents($key_file_location);    

    // seproate additional scopes with a comma   
    $scopes ="https://www.googleapis.com/auth/analytics.readonly";  

    $cred = new Google_Auth_AssertionCredentials($Email_address,         

    if($client->getAuth()->isAccessTokenExpired()) {        

    $service = new Google_Service_Analytics($client);

    //Adding Dimensions
    $params = array('dimensions' => 'ga:userType'); 
    // requesting the data  
    $data = $service->data_ga->get("ga:89798036", "2014-12-14", "2014-12-14", "ga:users,ga:sessions", $params );     

Results for date:  2014-12-14<br>
    <table border="1">   
        //Printing column headers
        foreach($data->getColumnHeaders() as $header){
             print "<td><b>".$header['name']."</b></td>";       
        //printing each row.
        foreach ($data->getRows() as $row) {        
            print "<tr><td>".$row[0]."</td><td>".$row[1]."</td><td>".$row[2]."</td></tr>";   
<tr><td colspan="2">Rows Returned <?php print $data->getTotalResults();?> </td></tr>     

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  2. Google Analytics oauth2 tutorial
  3. Google's new official tutorial Hello Analytics php
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