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Python Question

How to take the n number in python

so i have a problem,i want to take the x number from n digit number

number = 9876543210
i = 4
and return numer[i] # its should return 6

how to do something like that in python. or should i change it to String? and change it again to int for calculation?

Answer Source

You can do it with integer division and remainder methods

def get_digit(number, n):
    return number // 10**n % 10

get_digit(987654321, 0)
# 1

get_digit(987654321, 5)
# 6

The // does integer division by a power of ten to move the digit to the ones position, then the % gets the remainder after division by 10. Note that the numbering in this scheme uses zero-indexing and starts from the right side of the number.

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