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Require custom enum attribute if enum type has a different custom attribute

The title sums it up. Say I have a custom attribute IsModule defined. It is used for enum types that I use to load all modules.

I.e assembly.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(IsModule), true)

Once I have all enums that have that attribute, I iterate each enum and read a different custom attribute ModuleData so that I can insert it into the database.

What I want to do is make this future developer proof by requiring the ModuleData attribute over each enum value IF the IsModule attribute is present on the type.

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There's no immediate language feature to help. However, three alternate options here:

  1. make a Visual Studio (or ReSharper) add-in that will check for this during editing;
  2. make an FXCop rule that will check when static code analysis is run;
  3. make a unit test that will enumerate all assemblies and make the check.

Note that in case of the unit test (option 3) you need to run it in a way that ensures all assemblies of the program are loaded.