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Module not found error when importing Swift pod into Objective-C project

I have an existing project which is written in Objective-C. I want to use the iOS Charts library by Daniel Gindi, which is in Swift, in that project. How can I achieve this?

importing swift framework into a objective-c project is related, but in my case I am using the library by installing it through Cocoapods as instructed here.

In that question, he is at least able to import the header, but in my case I am not able to.

step 1: Create Objective-C single view project.

step 2: Create a Podfile and add following lines -

pod 'Charts'

step 3: Install the pod

step 4: Try to import Charts in ViewController.h by
@import Charts
but it gives an error at this point. The error is -
Module Charts not found

Answer Source

In my existing project, I did #include Charts-Swift.h in my project's main.m file and this solved problem from me. @import Charts worked perfectly now. This was done according to the instructions that are written in Apple documentation here.

I made a new project and tried Anni S's answer, this time I built the project with cmd+B before writing any import statement and it worked too. I guess building it once after installing pod and before importing any module is necessary.

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