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RegEx match only final domain name from any email address

I want to match only parent domain name from an email address, which might or might not have a subdomain.

So far I have tried this:

new RegExp(/.+@(:?.+\..+)/);

The results:

Output: ["", ""]

Output: ["", ""]

I am interested in the second match (the group).

My objective is that in both cases, I want the group to match and give me only

Note: before the down vote, please note that neither have I been able to use existing answers, nor the question matches existing ones.

Answer Source

You can use this regex:


Use captured group #1 for your result.

  • It matches @ followed by 0 or more instance of non-DOT text and a DOT i.e. (?:[^.\s]+\.)*.
  • Using ([^.\s]+\.[^.\s]+)$ it is matching and capturing last 2 components separated by a DOT.

RegEx Demo

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