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TypeScript Question

DefinitelyTyped Lodash

I want to import single function from

while preserving typings. Such as this:

import invokeMap from 'lodash/invokeMap';

But it seems that I cannot do so. Compiler says that there is no module
. It's correct — DefinitelyTyped declares only top-level module for
, so I can import only the whole package. But I want to import only one function.

Is there a way to import only typings information about lodash without importing lodash itself?

Below is my workaround plan. I want to use standard CommonJS
function to import the necessary function without types information and then cast type onto it:

declare var require;

var invokeMap: _.invokeMap = require('lodash/invokeMap');
Here I want to cast proper type from DefinitelyTyped,
but how to reach that `invokeMap` typings alone?

Answer Source

With the current typings lodash this should work as you tried it before:

import invokeMap from 'lodash/invokeMap';

just install a current version of the ambient dependencies like so:

typings i -SA github:DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/lodash/lodash.d.ts#672afd8f7b09d839b61eeb4867753876cf79c8b6
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