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Which C/C++ compiler does Xcode use?

I just started to get my hands dirty with C/C++, and I am still getting my head around the different concepts (I've written mostly Java previously). I'd really like to know which C/C++ compiler is used and also which standard library is included. Also, I'd like to know where I can find the API documentation of the respective standard library (like the Java SE API docs).

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I'm not an XCode user, but it seems to be Apple's LLVM Compiler (by default) according to Apple's website: But, I guess, like any other IDE XCode does support other compilers like GCC. Also depends on your XCode version it seems:

Here's a question in SO that asks about the default compiler and the answer seems to have the code to find just that: In Xcode 4.5, what is "Compiler Default" for "C++ Standard Library" and "C++ Language Dialect"?

According to this post 4.6 uses clang instead of GCC for C++:

P.S.: Googling does help ;)

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