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Ruby on Rails - Improve page with ads and images on same page

My application is a gallery-based application. Usually I have 20 images in a page with around 15 ads (I can't remove amount of images or ads)

Images are all optimized. I use

Lazy load
on images and
on the ads.

Because of the ads, Images
Lazy Load
waits until page is loaded before start showing the images.

Is it any way I can make the content load first and ads later? Or any solution so
Lazy load
doesn't wait for all ads to load before it show the images?

Answer Source

Lazy load can't know if ads have been loaded, making ads defer=true will give some helps but you might lose some ad impressions since ads are loaded after. Best way is to optimize the image and remove lazy load on pages with many ads and images in same page.

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