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React JSX Question

Can I deploy react.js web app to a share hosting?

I am wondering if it is possible to deploy

web app that I've built to a share hosting site that does not have

I use
to build the application and it creates normal
html, js, css
file. I uploaded the static folder that includes all those
html, js(bundle.js) and css
files, but when I request the site, the server reply with
bundle.js not found response.

Answer Source

Yes you sure can put react on a shared hosting provider.

Seeing as you're getting a 404 error (not found), you are probably referencing your react file/bundle incorrectly. It might not even be named bundle.js if you're using a boilerplate to create your application.

Can you give more information? What does your index.html file look like? What does your directory structure look like? If you are able to post these files I can tell you what the issue is.

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