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JSON Question

Check List of object all properties Contains null then remove from list in c#

I have list of json data i have deserialize in list of class object but if proerties name does not match with json data it takes value null.

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Json data come from the url as user dependent user can enter any data then what i will do for validation to handle null when properties not match.
sampleJson list of data is like:

[{"adsname":"Francis","adsimageurl":"Andrew Love.jpg","ontop":false,"key":30012647,"onscan":true,"adscode":6689390,"brandname":{"adsbrand":"Beth Moon"},"category":"New ads","adsscription":"Weinstein Jacob Sutton","from":"2016-12-30T00:00:00","to":"2016-12-30T00:00:00"},{"adsname":"McKay","adsimageurl":"Lorraine Spencer.jpg","ontop":false,"key":136301519,"onscan":true,"adscode":346146503,"brandname":{"adsbrand":"Russell Warner"},"category":"New ads","adsscription":"Stanton Thomas Moran","from":"2016-12-30T00:00:00","to":"2016-12-30T00:00:00"},{"adsname":"Berger","adsimageurl":"Lois Norton.jpg","ontop":false,"key":32971839,"onscan":false,"adscode":334075948,"brandname":{"adsbrand":"Becky Park"},"category":"New ads","adsscription":"Gallagher Matthew Pitts","from":"2016-12-30T00:00:00","to":"2016-12-30T00:00:00"},{"adsname":"Boswell","adsimageurl":"Constance Scarborough.jpg","ontop":false,"key":183877654,"onscan":true,"adscode":230154009,"brandname":{"adsbrand":"Yvonne Hardy"},"category":"New ads","adsscription":"Riddle Nancy Atkins","from":"2016-12-30T00:00:00","to":"2016-12-30T00:00:00"}]

My model propeties class like

public class AdsImportEntity
[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "title")]
public string AdsTitle { get; set; }

[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "description")]
public string Description { get; set; }

[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "barcode")]
public string Barcode { get; set; }

[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "top")]
public bool? Top { get; set; }

[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "fromdatetime")]
public System.DateTime? FromDatetime { get; set; }

[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "todatetime")]
public DateTime? ToDatetime { get; set; }

[JsonProperty(PropertyName = "httpimageurl")]
public string HttpImageUrl { get; set; }

My Question is If In list of object if object all properties contain null value then remove from list.

Answer Source

To filter in this specific case you could simply apply a little LINQ:

adsImportEntityList = Converter.Deserialize<List<AdsImportEntity>>(adsJson)
                               .Where(x => !(x.AdsTitle == null
                                             && x.Description == null
                                             && ...))

If needed in multiple places the filter could use a help:

static bool NotAllFieldsNull(AdsImportEntity x) {
  return !(x.AdsTitle == null
           && x.Description == null
           && ...);

adsImportEntityList = Converter.Deserialize<List<AdsImportEntity>>(adsJson)

If this is needed for a know set of types then overload NotAllFieldsNull. If it needs to work for any (reference) type you'll need reflection.

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