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Making every a href on my site a different color

Currently, I am doing this with just static CSS using something that looks like the code displayed below.

#main-content > > div > header > h3 > a {
color: blue;
#main-content > > div > header > h3 > a {
color: red;

And for each post ID it generates a different color for that songs title to appear as, how ever I'm trying to do something a bit more advanced with Javascript or something that when ever there's an a href with a certain class it generates a random color for that link to appear as.

Answer Source

It can be achieved by jquery as below

  $('body a').each(function(){
    var color = 'rgb(' + randomNumber() + ',' + randomNumber() + ',' + randomNumber() + ')';
    $(this).css("color", color);
  function randomNumber(){
    return Math.floor(256*Math.random());
<a href="javascrip:void(0)">First link</a>
<a href="javascrip:void(0)">Second link</a>
<a href="javascrip:void(0)">Third link</a>
<a href="javascrip:void(0)">Fourth link</a>
<script src=""></script>

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