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Is there a lint tool to check the code against the Dart style guide?

I would like to write code that conforms to the Dart style guide. Therefore I am curios, whether there is any automatic way to check the coding style for Dart.

Do you know about any way to do this?

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Since Dart 1.13 (currently release candidate) you can enable lint checks, strong mode and other features by adding an .analysis_options file to your Dart project (the folder with the pubspec.yaml file)

  strong-mode: true
  - test/data/**
    enableSuperMixins: true
    # see
    - always_declare_return_types
    - always_specify_types
    - camel_case_types
    - constant_identifier_names
    - empty_constructor_bodies
    - implementation_imports
    - library_names
    - library_prefixes
    - non_constant_identifier_names
    - one_member_abstracts
    - package_api_docs
    - package_prefixed_library_names
    - slash_for_doc_comments
    - super_goes_last
    - type_init_formals
#    - unnecessary_brace_in_string_interp
    - unnecessary_getters_setters
    - package_names

The available lint rules are listed in

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