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Download Google Play Services JAR

I have been out of touch with Android for considerably long time. Recently I had to develop an Android module for Appcelerator. I need to use the Google Play services. There is one present under extras folder where the JAR is present. After some search I found that there are also smaller size individual JAR files, for example google-play-services-base.jar and so on. I need to use google-play-services-analytics.jar.

Now the question is that as to from where can I download the JAR file (google-play-services-analytics.jar) and also get to know the version for it. Does it have any dependency on google-play-serivces-base.jar. I know this might be a basic question, but will appreciate the help.

Answer Source

From the Android SDK manager you can select and download Google Play services. The SDK manager will also tell you the path to your sdk so you can find the jar files. Google Play Services is under Extras in the SDK manager.

As stated in the comment below, the Play Services jar can be found in /app/build/intermedi‌​ates/exploded-aar/com‌​‌​lay-services-analytic‌​s/9.4.0/jars/classes.‌​jar after you do a build of your project.

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