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SQL CommandText Confusion with double quotes and single quotes

I am working on making a login system for my website. I am trying to make this code work.

cmd.CommandText="SELECT Usernames,Passwords FROM logininfo WHERE Usernames="" + UsernameInput.Text
+ "AND Passwords="" + PasswordInput.Text + '"";

My only problem is I am confused where to put the " and the ' types of quotes. So this is the code that I am having trouble with. I know it is correct but the single and double quote placement is confusing me and is not letting me compile.

pid pid
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Please don't concatenate SQL, that exposes you to SQL injection. Use parameters instead.

cmd.CommandText="SELECT Usernames,Passwords FROM logininfo WHERE [email protected] AND [email protected]";
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@username", UsernameInput.Text);
cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@password", PasswordInput.Text);

Also take the advice in the comment of Scott Chamberlain, it is a bad thing to store passwords in clear or encrypted on a database. Just store hashes. But read about how to do it, it's not immediate (you need to salt it correctly and use a robust hashing algorithm such as SHA512).

It's far too complex to explain here but you'll find tons of guides on this problem.

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