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Java Question

Setting default values to null fields when mapping with Jackson

I am trying to map some JSON objects to Java objects with Jackson. Some of the fields in the JSON object are mandatory(which I can mark with

) and some are optional.

After the mapping with Jackson, all the fields that are not set in the JSON object will have a null value in Java. Is there a similar annotation to
that can tell Jackson to set a default value to a Java class member, in case it is null?

To make the question more clear here is some code example.

The Java object:

class JavaObject {
public String notNullMember;

public String optionalMember;

The JSON object can be either:

"notNullMember" : "notNull"


"notNullMember" : "notNull",
"optionalMember" : "optional"

annotations is just to show what I am asking. It's not a real annotation. If the JSON object is like in the first example I want the value of the
to be
and not
. Is there an annotation that does such a thing?

Answer Source

There is no annotation to set default value.
You can set default value only on java class level:

public class JavaObject 
    public String notNullMember;

    public String optionalMember = "Value";
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