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Trigger next page owl carousel 2

I'm using Owl Carousel 2 and I have custom nav buttons that I intend to use for next/prev item and next/prev page. I'm using the following to trigger the next item:

var slider = $('.owl-carousel');

$('#nextItem').click(function () {

That works fine, but I also need to trigger the next page (similar to how the dots work). It looks like there is a slideBy option that you can use to slide by a page, but this won't help since I need both item and page navigation.

$('#nextPage').click(function () {
// go to next page

Answer Source

You could trigger clicks on the dots:

// Go to page 3

To go to the next page or to the first if you're on the last, you can do it like this:

var $dots = $('.owl-dot');

function goToNextCarouselPage() {    
    var $next = $dots.filter('.active').next();

    if (!$next.length)
        $next = $dots.first();


$('.something-else').click(function () {
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