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Optimise code for a simple monte carlo like simulation

I run the following code that works but just take ages and I'm sure there is a way to get the same results much faster.

runs <- 1000
prediction <- runif(77,0,1)
n< - length(prediction)
df.all <- data.frame(Preds = rep(prediction, runs),

for (x in 1:runs) {
for (i in 1:length(df.all$Preds)){
df.all$rand[i] <- sample(1:100,1)
df.all$Win[i] <- ifelse(df.all$rand[i]<df.all$Preds[i]*100,1,0)

df.all% >% group_by(simno) %>% summarise(Wins=sum(Win)) -> output

Answer Source

This can easily be vectorise by:

  • Performing a single sample operation (not the additional replace = TRUE argument.
  • Performing a single comparison >

You can remove the inner for loop to get

for (x in 1:runs) {
  df.all$rand = sample(1:100, size = length(prediction), replace=TRUE)
  df.all$Win = df.all$rand < df.all$Preds*100

You can then take it one step further and remove that loop

df.all$rand = sample(1:100, n = nrow(df.all), replace=TRUE)
df.all$Win = df.all$rand < df.all$Preds*100
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