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iOS storyboard AutoLayout and adding constraint

I am making changes to my app to support 3.5″ display. Currently it is supporting 4″ display.
The screen layout looks like this. How to add following constraint in storyboard ? (I have enabled auto layout option in storyboard.)

  1. How to set button1 & button2 width to the half of super view's width ? and both should intersect at the middle of the superview's width.

  2. UIImage #1 should be placed at the middle of the superview's width.


Answer Source

1 : Buttons

Didn't figure to do everything in interface builder

You've got to declare an NSLayoutConstraint outlet in your code :

@property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint *buttonWidthConstraint;

and then set :

self.buttonWidthConstraint.constant = self.containerView.frame.size.width /2;

Here is what you have to do in IB :

  • The 2 buttons must have the same width.

First image

  • For both buttons, stick them to the left and right, and bottom, and fix their height like this :

Second image

2 : Center image view

Center the image view like this

center image view

Fix it's width, height, and Y position

fix width height

Hope this helps.

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