Kumar Kumar - 2 years ago 116
Javascript Question

How To Convert String ' dd/mm/yy hh:MM:ss ' to Date in javascript?

I have Done this

var d='dd/mm/yy hh:MM:ss';
var d1=d.split(" ");
var date=d1[0].split("/");
var time=d1[1].split(":");
var dd=date[0];
var mm=date[1]-1;
var yy=date[2];
var hh=time[0];
var min=time[1];
var ss=time[2];
var fromdt= new Date("20"+yy,mm-1,dd,hh,min,ss);

Is there Any way to do it using JQuery OR JavaScript?

Answer Source

If you are looking for alternatives in jquery or Javascript , then you can go with Moment.js,where you can Parse, Validate, Manipulate, and Display dates in JavaScript.


  var date= moment("06/06/2015 11:11:11").format('DD-MMM-YYYY');
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