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Javascript Question

automatic close function for selection

I have a button which creates a pulldown in which you can select several categories.
Now i want this to close automatically when i click outside the pulldown.
Something like a lightbox or modal popup which closes if you click anywhere else on the page.
Now i have to click the button again to close it. If i dont and go elsewhere on the page, the dropdown stays visible (until i click it)

This is the code of the button:

if ($(this).hasClass('active')) $(this).find('span').html('▲')
else $(this).find('span').html('▼')



Is this possible?

Answer Source

Using jquery this is the code I used for a similar case scenario sometime ago:

$(document).click(function(event) { 
    if(!$('.pulldown').length) {
        if($('.pulldown').is(":visible")) {

You can read more about this in the original post How to detect a click outside an element? submitted by Art.

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