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Node.js upgrade still shows older version in windows

I have downloaded and installed the new version of nodejs (4.1.2) using the .msi installer. After that I ran

node -v
, but it still shows the older version (0.12.2). I tried restarting Windows and even uninstalled nodejs and reinstalled it, but still it shows the same. Why is that happening and how can I resolve it?

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Run a search for multiple copies of node.exe in the usual install paths:

  • Program Files

    Get-ChildItem -File -path $env:PROGRAMFILES -include node.exe -recurse -force
  • Program Files(x86)

    Get-ChildItem -File -path "C:\Program Files (x86)" -include node.exe -recurse -force
  • Common Files

    Get-ChildItem -File -path $env:COMMONPROGRAMFILES -include node.exe -recurse -force
  • Roaming

    Get-ChildItem -File -path $env:APPDATA -include node.exe -recurse -force

Upgrading npm has its own issues:

Chances are that you attempted to upgrade npm before, it somehow failed, and you then went looking for this tool. If the tool fails to upgrade, it may be troubled by partial changes done during npm install npm or npm upgrade npm. In that case, you will have to completely uninstall Node:

Uninstall Node.js (select Uninstall, not the Repair option).

Go into %programfiles%\nodejs and delete the entire folder.

Delete %appdata%\npm and %appdata%\npm-cache.

Edit your PATH and remove everything that references npm (to do so, hit "Start" and search for "Environment Variables").

Reinstall Node, then install this tool - and only use this tool to upgrade npm, do not attempt to run npm install npm.


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