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PHP Question

preg_replace does not replace the value as required

Assume we have a php array $row_mid, which contains strings like 'reaction_l0', 'reaction_l1', 'reaction_r0', 'reaction_r1' (in each case the number goes from 0 to 4. These strings are enclosed by

tags. I want to run a loop and remove these strings with preg_replace ():

$i = 0;
while ($i < count ($row_mid)){
$row_mid [$i] = preg_replace ("~^reaction_.[0-9]$~", "", $row_mid [$i]);

The regexp ^reaction_.[0-9]$ was developed with the help of and tested successfully with strings
(no match, I need the tags stay where they are) and
(match). It doesn't work, however.

Answer Source

Get rid of the anchors, because they only allow the regexp to match the entire string, not when it's enclosed in tags.

$row_mid [$i] = preg_replace ("~reaction_.[0-9]~", "", $row_mid [$i]);
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