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Stopping GIF Animation Programmatically

I am developing a Twitter application which references to the images directly from Twitter.
How can I prevent animated gifs from being played?


at the end of the page does not work for me in Firefox.

Is there a better JavaScript hack? Preferable this should work for all browsers

Answer Source

This is not a cross browser solution but this worked in firefox and opera (not in ie8 :-/). Taken from here


function is_gif_image(i) {
    return /^(?!data:).*\.gif/i.test(i.src);

function freeze_gif(i) {
    var c = document.createElement('canvas');
    var w = c.width = i.width;
    var h = c.height = i.height;
    c.getContext('2d').drawImage(i, 0, 0, w, h);
    try {
        i.src = c.toDataURL("image/gif"); // if possible, retain all css aspects
    } catch(e) { // cross-domain -- mimic original with all its tag attributes
        for (var j = 0, a; a = i.attributes[j]; j++)
            c.setAttribute(a.name, a.value);
        i.parentNode.replaceChild(c, i);
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