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Java-config counterpart of wss:binding?

Ok, so here's something I've been googling for for hours with no success... Finally i can only hope some Spring-magician reads and answers this question. :)

I'm upgrading an old web application (Spring 2.x-based) to Spring 4.2.x and while adding new features I've decided to completely move away from XML-based config. (Again: i don't want to have any Spring XML files in the project!)

I've converted pretty much everything, but the last thing i can't resolve is finding the correct Java-config counterpart of:

<ws:service id="MySoapService" bean="#ServiceImpl" />
<wss:binding service="#MySoapService" url="/1.0/soap" />

ws/wss namespaces come from:


So what i'm trying to do is exporting
annotated classes, but with Java-config instead of XML.

Additional infos:

  • I've tried using
    , but that one leaves me with a " Address already in use: bind", regardless of what port i'm using...

  • The application has two servlets: one is a normal Spring MVC Dispatcher for the new REST API and another
    which should make the above mentioned JAX-WS service available.

  • I'm trying to resolve things with pure JAX-WS RI, no CXF or any other library. The application is huge enough already... :(

Answer Source

Apparently there's no solution (yet?) - after quite a few more hours of googling around, i've found only this ticket:

Looking at its date and status (and by noting the fact that devs didn't even respond to it, even a year has passed), i assume it's safe to state that JAX-WS Commons spring integration will not support Java config in the foreseeable future.

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