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fail to recursive by Perl while

I'm trying to write a function recursively searching for all the directories under a given directory.

use strict;
use warnings;

sub printDir
my $root = shift;

opendir DIR, $root or die "can't open dir $root\n";
my $dir;
while ($dir = readdir DIR)

if (-d "$root/$dir" && "$dir" ne '.' && "$dir" ne '..')
print "$dir\n";
&printDir ("$root/$dir");


my $root = $ARGV[0];
printDir $root;

If the directory hierarchy is like:

/ \

The code stops after searching for A-B-D and C will not be searched. What's wrong with the code?


Answer Source

Your directory handle is global.

opendir DIR, $root or die "can't open dir $root\n";

It gets overwritten every time you call the sub. Once one invocation is done and returns to the last scope, DIR still points to that last directory, which was already read to the end, so it will not read anything else and stop completely as soon as the innermost directory is done reading.

You need to use lexical directory handles instead.

opendir my $dh, $root or die "can't open dir $root\n";
while (my $dir = readdir $dh)

Also see the example at readdir in perldoc.

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