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Report Parameter validation in ssrs report

I have created one SSRS report having begin date and end date. If I provide end date< start date it will execute the report as shown in the image
enter image description here

But that condition I need to show a pop up "Please Check the start date and end date provided". How to do this?

Answer Source

Click Report Menu then Report Properties.
Go to Code Tab and add similar code as per your requirement:

Function CheckDateParameters(StartDate as Date, EndDate as Date) as Integer
Dim msg as String
     msg = ""
     If (StartDate > EndDate)  Then
 msg="Start Date should not be later than End Date"
     End If
     If msg <> "" Then 
 MsgBox(msg, 16, "Report Validation")
 Err.Raise(6,Report)                    'Raise an overflow
     End If
End Function


Follow the Steps:

1.) Go the Report Parameters and add a parameter with the datatype is string.

2.) Check the Hidden checkbox and Allow blank value ckeckbox.

3.) From Default Values choose Non-Queried radio button and then press the FX button and paste this code.


Then press OK.

See reference Link:

Easy Step by Step SSRS Parameter Validation Using Code & Conditional DataSet

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