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Python: Determine if running inside virtualenv

Is it possible to determine if the current script is running inside a virtualenv environment?

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AFAIK the most reliable way to check for this (and the way that is used internally in virtualenv and in pip) is to check for the existence of sys.real_prefix:

import sys

if hasattr(sys, 'real_prefix'):

Inside a virtualenv, sys.prefix points to the virtualenv directory, and sys.real_prefix points to the "real" prefix of the system Python (often /usr or /usr/local or some such).

Outside a virtualenv, sys.real_prefix should not exist.

Using the VIRTUAL_ENV environment variable is not reliable. It is set by the virtualenv activate shell script, but a virtualenv can be used without activation by directly running an executable from the virtualenv's bin/ (or Scripts) directory, in which case $VIRTUAL_ENV will not be set.

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