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Swift Question

collisionBitMask doesn't work

I wrote the following code to detect collisions between the player, a wall and a npc:

struct PhysicsCategories{

static let player: UInt32 = 0x1 << 1
static let npc: UInt32 = 0x1 << 2
static let wall: UInt32 = 0x1 << 3
static let all: UInt32 = 0xFFFFFFFF


these are the setting for the player:

self.physicsBody!.categoryBitMask = Constants.PhysicsCategories.player
self.physicsBody!.collisionBitMask = Constants.PhysicsCategories.npc | Constants.PhysicsCategories.wall
self.physicsBody!.contactTestBitMask = Constants.PhysicsCategories.npc

these are the settings for the wall:

tileNode.physicsBody!.categoryBitMask = Constants.PhysicsCategories.wall
tileNode.physicsBody!.collisionBitMask = Constants.PhysicsCategories.player | Constants.PhysicsCategories.npc

these are the settings for the npc:

npc.physicsBody!.categoryBitMask = Constants.PhysicsCategories.npc
npc.physicsBody!.collisionBitMask = Constants.PhysicsCategories.wall | Constants.PhysicsCategories.player | Constants.PhysicsCategories.npc
npc.physicsBody!.contactTestBitMask = Constants.PhysicsCategories.player

I want the npc to collide with the wall and the player. The player should collide with the npc and the wall.
The result is that the player can collide with the wall and the npc, but the npc can only collide with the player and goes through the walls..

Has anyone an idea what i'm doing wrong here? The npc is walking randomly around the scene, is the collisionbitmask behavior affected by this?

EDIT: If I set the dynamic property of the npc to true, it works. But I don't want the npc to be dynamic because I don't want that the player can push the npc away.
Why is it only working when the npc is dynamic?

Answer Source

If I understood correctly, you want the player and the NPC to "bounce off the walls", but not bounce off each other. The solution would be to not set their collisionBitMasks to each other‘s categoryBitMasks, but only their contactTestBitMasks.

As to why the NPC needs to be dynamic to bounce off the walls: One participant must be dynamic for a collision to show effect: the one that bounces off.

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