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Eclipse detecting the same device multiple times

I am facing a strange problem. The eclipse is deteting the same device multiple times and thus is unable to run the project showing error as :

Failed to install MetRoute.apk on device 'EC21BF384504FC4E': adb rejected install command with: more than one device
com.android.ddmlib.AdbCommandRejectedException: more than one device
Launch canceled!

See This image:

enter image description here

I tried to take help of this question but no help after following the process. Does anyone have any other solution.?

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update : It is not needed to restart/close Eclipse

As told in comments by Ved Praksh, the solution is:

Exit Eclipse

End all adb processes from task manager as well.. Then:

In cmd, adb kill-server --> adb start-server --> adb devices

Then restart eclipse.

Most probably it will show only one device this time.

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