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C++ Question

Function templates in python

I would like to know how would I use similar code to template < typename T> in python, as it is used in the C++ code example:

template <typename T>
unsigned int counting_bit(unsigned int v){
v = v - ((v >> 1) & (T)~(T)0/3); // temp
v = (v & (T)~(T)0/15*3) + ((v >> 2) & (T)~(T)0/15*3); // temp
v = (v + (v >> 4)) & (T)~(T)0/255*15; // temp
return v;

How would I typecast objects with variable typename in python the same way as it is mentioned in C++?

Answer Source

Just pass the type to the function.

For example, see this (useless) function:

def converter(x, required_type):
    return required_type(x)

converter('1', int)
converter('1', float)
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