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Typeclass Containing Element in HList?

I'm trying to define a typeclass such that the HList,

, contains a specific type,

trait Contains[A] {
type Out
object Contains {

type Aux[A, O] = Contains[A] { type Out = O }

def contains[L <: HList, A]
(implicit ev: Contains.Aux[L, A]) = ev

implicit def containsInt[H, L <: HList, A]
(implicit ev: H == A): Contains.Aux[H :: L, A] =
new Contains[H :: L] {
type Out = A

Of course it does not compile due to
ev: H == A

Does such an "equivalent type" typeclass exist?

Once it works, I'd expect the following to compile:

implicitly[Contains.Aux[Int :: HNil, Int]]
since there's an
in the HList.

Whereas, I would expect
implicitly[Contains.Aux[String :: HNil, Boolean]
to not compile since there's no
in the input HList.

Answer Source

You're looking for shapeless.ops.hlist.Selector.

With Selector your examples work out like this,

scala> import shapeless._, ops.hlist._
import shapeless._
import ops.hlist._

scala> Selector[Char :: HNil, Char]
res0: shapeless.ops.hlist.Selector[shapeless.::[Char,shapeless.HNil],Char] = shapeless.ops.hlist$Selector$$anon$37@20eebe9c

scala> Selector[Int :: Char :: HNil, Char]
res1: shapeless.ops.hlist.Selector[shapeless.::[Int,shapeless.::[Char,shapeless.HNil]],Char] = shapeless.ops.hlist$Selector$$anon$38@10cf3c87

scala> Selector[Int :: HNil, Int]
res2: shapeless.ops.hlist.Selector[shapeless.::[Int,shapeless.HNil],Int] = shapeless.ops.hlist$Selector$$anon$37@79d8c266

scala> Selector[Boolean :: Char :: HNil, Int]
<console>:18: error: Implicit not found: shapeless.Ops.Selector[shapeless.::[Boolean,shapeless.::[Char,shapeless.HNil]], Int]. You requested an element of type Int, but there is none in the HList shapeless.::[Boolean,shapeless.::[Char,shapeless.HNil]].
       Selector[Boolean :: Char :: HNil, Int]

scala> Selector[Boolean :: Char :: HNil, Char]
res4: shapeless.ops.hlist.Selector[shapeless.::[Boolean,shapeless.::[Char,shapeless.HNil]],Char] = shapeless.ops.hlist$Selector$$anon$38@bf88c94

scala> Selector[Boolean :: Int :: Char :: HNil, Char]
res5: shapeless.ops.hlist.Selector[shapeless.::[Boolean,shapeless.::[Int,shapeless.::[Char,shapeless.HNil]]],Char] = shapeless.ops.hlist$Selector$$anon$38@653f47f

scala> Selector[Int :: HNil, HNil]
<console>:18: error: Implicit not found: shapeless.Ops.Selector[shapeless.::[Int,shapeless.HNil], shapeless.HNil]. You requested an element of type shapeless.HNil, but there is none in the HList shapeless.::[Int,shapeless.HNil].
       Selector[Int :: HNil, HNil]
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