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Android Question

Can I use Glide to have CircleImage with overlapping icon like in Facebook messenger?

I'm searching for a library that could help me make my cricular image view's like in Facebook Messenger (with z blue Messenger icon or grey Facebook icon). How they came up with it? Can it be done with Glide? If not, with what then?

Answer Source

1.I would suggest you to checkout Image Management Library by Facebook that is Fresco that is pretty awesome and mature as compared to other Image Loading Library.

2.Fresco has SimpleDraweeView as custom image view which supports Rounded Corners and Circles link and supports Animated(.gif, .webp) as well as Normal Images(.jpg, .png).

3.Fresco handles all the things caching of images with 3 Tier architecture ( BITMAP_MEMORY_CACHE, ENCODED_MEMORY_CACHE and DISK_CACHE). It also reduces OOM(Out Of Memory) issues. When image in a view goes out of screen it automatically recycles the bitmap, hence releasing the memory.

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