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PHP Question

Regular Expression German ZIP-Codes

I give up. I need a (PHP) regular expression that matches only 5 digit numbers starting from 01001 up to 99998.

So, invalid is for example 1234, but not 01234. Also 01000 is invalid, 01002 is not, and so on. Any other 5 digit number except 99999 is valid.

What I have is the following regular expression, which does what I require - except that it still matches 99999.

Can anyone help out? Thanks...



I am sorry, everybody, but things are more complex. I did not explain correctly.
German zip code can be also 04103 for example (see a list of some further examples here)

Answer Source

You were close:


But if you can just do a simpler regex and then use a separate numerical comparison, that'd probably be easier to read.

Alternatively, a simpler version:


(The simpler version is just "take the numbers 01000-99999 and remove the two ends via a lookahead.)

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