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load wordpress wp_editor dynamically (ajax)

This is an answer/solution rather than a question, still there maybe some bugs, even I tried on my dev env.

I recently try to use wp_editor in widget/menu, after some search, I did not find a complete solution as I want.

I would share my solution in below after I dig into wp's code by hours:

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There maybe hacking involved, however, I tried to minimize them.

To make wp_editor can work in dynamic html (which means without reload page, js changes the page structure), there are two major issues need to take care:

  1. tinymce
  2. qucik-tags

For [tinymce]:

a. need reset UI properly

  • solution is [remove mce instance] -> [get proper mce settings] -> [re-init a new mce instance]

  • in js code (id means textarea id):

    tinymce.execCommand('mceRemoveEditor', true, id);
    var init = tinymce.extend( {}, tinyMCEPreInit.mceInit[ id ] );
    try { tinymce.init( init ); } catch(e){}

b. need data write back to textarea before submit

  • solution is [bind click to button] -> on submt :: [turn off mce] -> [turn on submit]
  • in js code:

    jq('textarea[id="' + id + '"]').closest('form').find('input[type="submit"]').click(function(){
        if( getUserSetting( 'editor' ) == 'tmce' ){
            var id = mce.find( 'textarea' ).attr( 'id' );
            tinymce.execCommand( 'mceRemoveEditor', false, id );
            tinymce.execCommand( 'mceAddEditor', false, id );
        return true;

For [Quick Tags]:

a. Re-init tags

  • [Get settings] -> [setup mouse event] -> [re-init QTags]

b. Switch to proper tab (mce tab or quick tag tab)

  • [switch to current tab mode]

  • both above in js code:

    if ( typeof(QTags) == 'function' ) {
        jq( '[id="wp-' + id + '-wrap"]' ).unbind( 'onmousedown' );
        jq( '[id="wp-' + id + '-wrap"]' ).bind( 'onmousedown', function(){
            wpActiveEditor = id;
        QTags( tinyMCEPreInit.qtInit[ id ] );
        switchEditors.switchto( jq( 'textarea[id="' + id + '"]' ).closest( '.widget-mce' ).find( '.wp-switch-editor.switch-' + ( getUserSetting( 'editor' ) == 'html' ? 'html' : 'tmce' ) )[0] );

Also, please remember if you use ajax, every time post back mce UI, you need re-do [reset mce UI] and [Qtags] in you js. A easy solution is using js code in you post back html, and detect in php of:

$isAjax = defined( 'DOING_AJAX' ) && DOING_AJAX == true );

About default settings in js value:

  1. mce : tinyMCEPreInit.mceInit

  2. qtags : tinyMCEPreInit.qtInit

If you try to use default setting for widget mode, you need locate default settings.

To get widget template id, in js code:

function getTemplateWidgetId( id ){
        var form = jQuery( 'textarea[id="' + id + '"]' ).closest( 'form' );
        var id_base = form.find( 'input[name="id_base"]' ).val();
        var widget_id = form.find( 'input[name="widget-id"]' ).val();
        return id.replace( widget_id, id_base + '-__i__' );

So you can get settings by:

  1. for mce:

    var init;
    if( typeof tinyMCEPreInit.mceInit[ id ] == 'undefined' ){
        init = tinyMCEPreInit.mceInit[ id ] = tinymce.extend( {}, tinyMCEPreInit.mceInit[ getTemplateWidgetId( id ) ] );
        init = tinyMCEPreInit.mceInit[ id ];
  2. For Qtags:

    var qInit;
    if( typeof tinyMCEPreInit.qtInit[ id ] == 'undefined' ){
        qInit = tinyMCEPreInit.qtInit[ id ] = jq.extend( {}, tinyMCEPreInit.qtInit[ getTemplateWidgetId( id ) ] );
        qInit['id'] = id;
        qInit = tinyMCEPreInit.qtInit[ id ];

For the complete code sample, please check :

If anyone want use wp_editor in menu walk for admin, the principle should be the same.

If you have any question or better solut please comment, thanks.

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